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Oct 31 2014 7:30PM EST | Source: Geek.com
When failure is one of the nicer ways to describe your product launch, it’s not a bad idea to pack it in and move on. The folks at Amazon, however, don’t know how […]

Oct 31 2014 5:40PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

If you've got an Apple, Mac, or iOS tech question, we've got the answer. In this week's Ask, we'll show you how to archive old email so you can keep your inblox clean and organized.


In Apple Mail, I've created iCloud mailboxes to organize emails by topic. Once a topic is completed, and no longer actively needed, is there a way to archive all of these communications and emails for future reference and then have the freedom to delete the originals forever?


Once you have all of your important messages corralled into a mailbox (smart or otherwise), then it’s very easy in the OS X Mail application to export the enclosed messages.

1. Select the mailbox in the sidebar of OS X Mail.

2. Right-click on the selected mailbox.

3. Choose “Export Mailbox.” 

4. Choose a location to export the mailbox in the destination chooser.

5. Click Choose.

Exporting your mailboxes is as easy as right-clicking on the mailbox.

Once you’ve done this, all of the messages, attachments, and directory structure will be exported to your chosen location. The export will happen to an industry-standard .mbox format that almost all modern email clients can read. The entire exported directory can be copied over to an external drive, disk, or Dropbox folder, and the originals in Mail can be removed.

When you decide that you want to import your messages back into Mail in order to read them again, perform these steps: 

1. Launch Mail.

2. Select File > Import Mailboxes.

3. Choose “Files in mbox format” from the import window.

4. Choose the .mbox files that you exported previously.

That’s it! After doing this, the imported mailboxes will be displayed in the sidebar under the “On My Mac” section, as the email messages physically reside on your computer instead of in your email account.

When importing your mailboxes into Mail (or any email client), you’ll need to specify the “mbox” format.

Ask is written by Cory Bohon, a freelance technology writer, indie Mac and iOS developer, and amateur photographer.

Got a tech question? Email ask@maclife.com.

Oct 31 2014 5:00PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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Oct 31 2014 3:35PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAO PAULO/MILAN (Reuters) - Brazil's Grupo Oi SA, Mexico's America Movil SAB and Spain's Telefonica SA agreed to place a joint bid worth around 32 billion reais ($13 billion) for TIM Participações SA , two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday.

Oct 31 2014 3:33PM EST | Source: CNET Android Atlas
Google's mobile OS reigned supreme in the third quarter with 84 percent of global shipments, says research firm Strategy Analytics. And then there are the warning signs.

Oct 31 2014 1:24PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided U.S. appeals court rejected UBS AG's bid to force Nasdaq OMX Group Inc to arbitrate a dispute over the exchange operator's alleged "catastrophic mismanagement" of Facebook Inc's $16 billion initial public offering.

Oct 31 2014 1:04PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Samsung said its collaboration with Microsoft on Windows phones raised antitrust problems once Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia's handset business, according to a court filing.

Oct 31 2014 12:31PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

Samsung Galaxy Note attack ad

Happy Halloween! There's nothing too spooky about our final Morning Report for the month of October, unless you're an Apple shareholder or Samsung — in which case our Friday edition is likely to be full of ghosts and goblins guaranteed to keep you up late tonight. Enter our haunted house of tech news, if you dare!

Irish Tax Structure Could Bring Change, Apple Warns Shareholders

The Wall Street Journal today reported that Apple appears to be bracing for increased tax rates in the future as part of a recent European Commission decision to buckle down on generous shelters in countries like Ireland. The potentially bad news was delivered to Apple shareholders in the company's annual 10-K filing (PDF link) to the Securities and Exchange Commission this week.

"Due to economic and political conditions, tax rates in various jurisdictions may be subject to significant change," the filing noted. "If the European Commission were to take a final decision against Ireland, it could require changes to existing tax rulings that, in turn, could increase the Company’s taxes in the future. The European Commission could also require Ireland to recover from the Company past taxes reflective of the disallowed state aid."

According to tax experts in London, Apple could be on the hook for as much as $200 million in back taxes in addition to paying more for two Irish subsidiaries, which are responsible for more than 4,000 employees at the company's Cork facilities alone. The EC claims Apple paid less than €20 million ($25.4 million) in Irish taxes between 2010 and 2012.

Apple Could Be to Blame for Samsung's Sagging Fortunes

AppleInsider published an in-depth look Thursday at how Apple could be to blame for Korean smartphone giant Samsung's recent reversal of fortune, which saw a dramatic 73.9 percent drop in mobile profits in the third quarter alone. While it's true that Samsung is facing increased competition from other Android OEMs including China's fast-rising Xiaomi, the staggering $4.7 billion year-over-year collapse in quarterly profits has roots in Cupertino.

According to IDC estimates, nearly a third of Samsung's total unit sales have been made up of so-called "premium" smartphones like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines — the exact products Apple have recently began to target with larger "phablet" style devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which come with "clearly differentiated features" such as a 64-bit CPU, Touch ID, and Apple Pay.

Also working against Samsung is the fact the manufacturer has never had any real success with its own tablet devices, as well as increased marketing costs to reduce the costs of mobile products as Apple continues to profit handsomely from iPhone and iPad. That leaves Samsung with only high volume, low margin handsets — the exact market Android rivals have been chipping away at with their own devices.

New Retail Store Coming to Lille, France Next Month

Oui, oui! MacRumors today reported that a new Apple retail store is coming soon to Lille, France, the iPhone maker's eighteenth such location in that country. According to MacGeneration (via Google Translate), the roughly 15,000 square-foot store is now shrouded by black barriers, suggesting a grand opening could be right around the corner — possibly as early as the end of November. Apple plans to open 25 new stores in 2015, with most of them located outside the United States.

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Oct 31 2014 12:27PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A co-founder of the Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay was sentenced on Friday to three and a half years in prison, in what the prosecutor called Denmark's biggest-ever hacking case.

Oct 31 2014 12:08PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided U.S. appeals court rejected UBS AG's bid to force Nasdaq OMX Group Inc to arbitrate a dispute over the exchange operator's alleged "catastrophic mismanagement" of Facebook Inc's $16 billion initial public offering.

Oct 31 2014 9:54AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A divided U.S. appeals court on Friday rejected UBS AG's bid to compel Nasdaq OMX Group Inc to arbitrate a dispute over how the exchange operator handled Facebook Inc's May 2012 initial public offering.

Oct 31 2014 9:13AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp posted a smaller than expected second-quarter operating loss on Friday, hailed by its finance chief as proof that the Japanese group's restructuring program is paying off.

Oct 31 2014 8:53AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Mexico's America Movil SAB, Spain's Telefonica SA and Brazil's Grupo Oi SA agreed to bid for TIM Participações SA then to break up Brazil's second-largest wireless carrier, newspaper Folha de S. Paulo reported on Friday.

Oct 31 2014 6:43AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Mexico's America Movil SAB, Spain's Telefonica SA and Brazil's Grupo Oi SA agreed to place a bid for and to break up TIM Participações SA , Brazil's second-largest wireless carrier, Folha de S. Paulo reported on Friday without saying how it obtained the information.

Oct 31 2014 5:30AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
MUNICH/LONDON (Reuters) - Siemens is likely to pick EQT [EQT.UL] next week to buy its hearing aids unit for about 2 billion euros ($2.5 billion), two sources familiar with the matter said.

Oct 31 2014 5:14AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
BEIJING (Reuters) - Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Friday it would collaborate with International Business Machines Corp (IBM) on a new cloud software business for corporate customers, a marked departure for one of the dominant forces in China's consumer Internet industry.

Oct 31 2014 4:48AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TOKYO (Reuters) - Panasonic Corp raised its full-year operating profit outlook by 13 percent and returned to a net cash positive position for the first time in five years after a drastic restructuring chopped unprofitable product lines in smartphones, plasma TVs and semiconductor chips.

Oct 31 2014 3:40AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled two mid-tier handsets with a premium design as it prepared to deliver a riposte to its low-priced Chinese rivals and reclaim its title as the top brand in the world's biggest smartphone market.

Oct 31 2014 3:19AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp said on Friday that it expects revenue in the fourth quarter to reach T$43 billion-T$47 billion ($1.4 billion-$1.57 billion), beating market expectations of T$41.5 billion.

Oct 31 2014 3:14AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sony Corp reported a second-quarter operating loss on Friday that was narrower than analysts had estimated, as blockbuster sales of its PlayStation 4 games console reduced the impact of a sluggish smartphone division.

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