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Apr 23 2014 12:45AM EST | Source: MacLife.com

For all of Apple's strengths, it's usually not a company that's associated with letting us do things for free. Judging from last year's news about OS X Mavericks and the followup news about the iWork suite, that may be changing. Indeed, as The Loop reports, Apple is apparently even introducing an beta program for OS X that'll let non-developers see the builds for Apple's signature desktop operating system before they're released to the public.

Up until recently, discovering what waited in store in the next iteration of OS X required a developer account costing $99 per year. Now, however, average users can apply to join the OS X Beta Seed Program, which will let you download pre-release versions of OS X via the Updates panel in the Mac App Store.

The only catch is that you'll have to sign a confidentiality agreement, which prevents you from sharing, publishing, or disseminating information about the beta to anyone who's not enrolled in the program. You'll then be asked to download a backup for your Mac and then download a Beta Access Utility App that ensures that the Mac App Store will list the newest beta updates.

All you need to sign up is your Apple ID, which you enter on the new "Appleseed" web site. Keep in mind, though, that betas are usually unstable by definition, and running them brings a real risk of causing problems you wouldn't have otherwise experienced on your Mac.

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Apr 23 2014 12:17AM EST | Source: MacLife.com

It's been a while since we've seen Apple employ the same competitive snark that we see in advertising from its rivals, but the Cupertino company today played a rare hand in the form of a full-page ad lightly poking fun at its ongoing legal battle with Samsung. The ads chiefly appear overseas (for now), and read "There are some things we want every company to copy."

Cnet lists the ads as appearing in British papers such as the Guardian and the Metro, but since then others have been spotted in Australia, Germany and numerous other countries. The ads are meant to highlight Apple's commitment to its green energy programs and new sustainable architecture, but with a not-so-subtle nod toward its biggest smartphone rival. The full text reads as follows:

Source: Cnet

"There’s one area where we actually encourage others to imitate us. Because when everyone makes the environment a priority, we all benefits. We’d be more than happy to see every data centre fuelled by 100% renewable energy sources. And we eagerly await the day when every product is made without the harmful toxins we have removed from ours.

Of course we know we can continue to do better. We’ve set some pretty ambitious goals for reducing our impact on climate change, making our products with greener materials and conserving our planet’s limited resources. So the next time we come across a great idea that can help leave the world better than we found it, we look forward to sharing."

The ads were designed to complement Apple's new "Better" campaign that was launched yesterday in preparation for today's celebration of Earth Day.

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Apr 22 2014 10:56PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the world's No.2 telecoms equipment maker, expects investment in information technology to rise 14 percent in 2014, a senior executive said on Wednesday.

Apr 22 2014 9:19PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Senate unanimously approved groundbreaking legislation on Tuesday that guarantees equal access to the Internet and protects the privacy of Brazilian users in the wake of U.S. spying revelations.

Apr 22 2014 8:48PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Senate unanimously approved groundbreaking legislation on Tuesday that guarantees equal access to the Internet and protects the privacy of Brazilian users in the wake of U.S. spying revelations.

Apr 22 2014 8:37PM EST | Source: CNET iPhone Atlas
Forget sending your phone to Liquipel. This $29.95 spray kit promises to protect it from both water and scratches.

Apr 22 2014 7:51PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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Apr 22 2014 6:51PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Chipmaker Skyworks Solutions Inc's second-quarter results and current-quarter forecast beat Wall Street estimates, helped by strong sales of chips used to connect machines to the Internet.

Apr 22 2014 6:38PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
MIAMI (Reuters) - Vevo, the online music video hub that is a joint venture of two of the world's biggest music labels, has seen a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of music videos streamed each month from its platform, the company's top executive said on Tuesday.

Apr 22 2014 5:56PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - AOL head of communications Peter Land left the company on Tuesday after a year working there, marking the latest public relations executive to depart the company.

Apr 22 2014 5:51PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Chipmaker Skyworks Solutions Inc's second-quarter results and current-quarter forecast beat Wall Street estimates, helped by strong sales of chips used to connect machines to the Internet.

Apr 22 2014 5:49PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - In 2011, Lytro Inc dazzled the consumer gadget world when it introduced a pocket flashlight-sized gizmo that could take "living" pictures - images that could be refocused after the shutter clicked.

Apr 22 2014 5:28PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital Inc closed the firm's money-losing short position in Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, the $10 billion hedge fund said in a letter to clients on Tuesday, and the firm has started shorting a group of momentum stocks that he did not identify.

Apr 22 2014 5:21PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAO PAULO/BRASILIA (Reuters) - A global conference in Brazil on the future of the Internet in the wake of U.S. spying revelations might be much less anti-American than first thought after Washington said it was willing to loosen its control over the Web.

Apr 22 2014 5:11PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

Although many use Office for everyday word processing and number crunching tasks, there’s a substantial contingent of customers who live and breathe the presentation leg of Microsoft’s productivity tripod, which has finally made an impressive (though somewhat handicapped) transition to mobile. Together with Word and Excel, PowerPoint for iPad makes up Microsoft’s newly mobilized Office trilogy. This trio of apps features a touchscreen user interface often slicker than their desktop equivalents, but more importantly, documents can be opened and edited with complete confidence that they’ll look exactly as they do on Mac or PC.

Editing or sharing files from iPad requires a monthly or annual Office 365 subscription—otherwise, PowerPoint is little more than a document viewer. At a minimum of $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, it’s an expensive proposition, especially for occasional users whose only computer is an iPad. When viewed as a complement to an existing Office 365 subscription, however, PowerPoint for iPad delivers a lot of bang for the buck, with an intuitive, streamlined set of tools for creating or editing presentations on the go. The only real exception is when the app winds up being hamstrung by iOS file management restrictions.

For example, images from iPad photo albums (including Camera Roll and iCloud) can be imported with ease, but content stored elsewhere is strictly off limits—including OneDrive, which is otherwise the only cloud storage option available for saving files. Microsoft bundles a generous quantity of fonts, shapes, and templates into a 215MB download, but power users will find the lack of clip art, animation, and audio/video playback limiting compared to desktop versions.

PowerPoint also isn’t nearly as robust as Apple’s Keynote when it comes to playing completed slideshows. While lecturers can scribble notes using a virtual pen or call up a simulated laser pointer, the app lacks any kind of true presenter view, and AirPlay support is frustratingly limited to mirroring only for now.

The bottom line. PowerPoint for iPad succeeds at making presentations finger friendly, but Keynote blows this app out of the water when it comes to actually showing them.

Review Synopsis




Free (subscription required)


iPad running iOS 7.0 or later


Presentations carry over perfectly from desktop files. Slick, genuine touch UI. Generous selection of fonts and templates. Pen and laser pointer presentation options.


Lacks true presenter view. No clip art, animation, or audio/video playback. Poor file management. Requires Office 365 subscription to create or edit documents.

3.5 Good

Apr 22 2014 4:22PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Virtualization software maker VMware Inc reported a 14 percent rise in first-quarter revenue as more customers opted for its cloud infrastructure offering and big business clients renewed their software licenses.

Apr 22 2014 3:59PM EST | Source: CNET Android Atlas
For the first time ever, Android's share of mobile ad impressions surpassed those of iOS, according to mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks.

Apr 22 2014 3:51PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Netflix Inc's planned price hikes will allow the video streaming company to increase spending on original content that will help attract more customers globally, analysts said, as many of them raised their price targets on the stock.

Apr 22 2014 2:00PM EST | Source: Geek.com
LG has updated their product page for the LG G Watch with a lot more information about the experience you can expect from this device, making the choice between this and the Moto […]

Apr 22 2014 1:30PM EST | Source: Geek.com
The 5s
Both phones should be on your shortlist, but you've seen the specs, so let's check out how the experiences compare.

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