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May 24 2015 5:00PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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May 23 2015 10:20PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Carmaker Daimler on Saturday announced a partnership with mobile technologies company Qualcomm Inc. to explore wireless recharging of mobile phones in cars as well as recharging of electric cars without cables.

May 23 2015 8:11PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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May 23 2015 12:20AM EST | Source: MacLife.com

In today's Apple Daily, a green iPhone 5c saves a man's life from a close-range shotgun blast. In other news, more insider rumors concerning Mac OS X 10.11 and iOS 9 have surfaced, and Apple's TV streaming service may not launch this fall owing to complications with local television stations.

iPhone 5c Saves Man from Close-Range Shotgun Blast

The iPhone 5c is sometimes frowned upon for its plastic casing, but as a 25-year-old British man recently found out, that plastic can sometimes be a lifesaver. Quite literally, actually. After a confrontation outside his Cheshire home, the unidentified man was shot in the chest at close range with a shotgun but managed to stumble back to his home to call emergency services after the phone took most of the force. The victim still sustained severe abdominal injuries, but none are reportedly life-threatening.

"Fortunately, the victim’s mobile phone took the brunt of the shot and, as a result of this, he survived," said Detective Inspector Gary McIntyre from the Cheshire Police in a statement to BusinessInsider. "This is remarkable — had that phone not been in his pocket at that time he would undoubtedly have died."

The victim had encountered a group of teenagers who had shut off the water to his apartment block, and was shot after confronting them about the issue. The person who fired the shot, 19-year-old Ryan Duggan, was found guilty of attempted murder yesterday and is set to be sentenced in July.


More Details About OS X 10.11 and iOS 9 Emerge from Insider Sources

We'd heard some time ago that, instead of focusing on big changes to Mac OS X and iOS as in the last couple of years, both OS X 10.11 and iOS 9 will focus on security and stability improvements for both operating systems. This was again reiterated to sources who spoke at length with 9to5 Mac.

Still, it seems we may still see a few additions. Control Center, a central feature of iOS, is said to make its way onto Mac OS X, where you'll be able to find it on the left side of the screen. Features from Music, AirPlay, and other apps will supposedly be readily available by clicking on it. There's a chance we won't even see this at this year's WWDC, though, as the feature "has been in flux during development" and Apple might thus push it back to another update.

Apple is also planning on including a security upgrade called Rootless for both systems, which will reportedly prevent even people with administrative-level access from viewing specific files. Sources who spoke with 9to5 Mac claim that Rootless will also be "a heavy blow to the jailbreak community."


Local TV Programming May Delay TV Streaming Service Announcement

Apple reportedly wants to include local channels with its new streaming television service, and according to sources who spoke with Re/code, that could keep the Cupertino company from launching the service until some time in the fall. Previous reports from The Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple would announce the service at this year's WWDC on June 8, but it increasingly looks as though that may not be the case.

Indeed, Apple reportedly hasn't reached any deals with broadcast TV networks at all. The problems seems to stem from the fact that most broadcasters don't actually own local station coverage, and instead host them through affiliate or franchise networks. The report points out that ABC spent two years securing the rights for showing live programming under its Watch ABC app, and even then they couldn't secure the rights for more than eight cities.

The rumors that Apple wants to host local television stations are somewhat new, as up until now, information has largely focused on channels from large networks such as ABC, CBS, Disney, and Fox. Approximately 25 channels are thought to debut at launch, and it'll cost around $30 to $40 per month.

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May 22 2015 9:34PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - An online dating site for adults seeking sexual trysts has been hacked, potentially compromising the personal information of some of its 64 million members, the company said on Friday.

May 22 2015 9:24PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd is cutting jobs across the world, the company said on Friday, as it consolidates its software, hardware and applications business.

May 22 2015 9:21PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SPRINGFIELD, Va. (Reuters) - Much about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency remains classified, but the U.S. spy agency that maps and analyzes the earth is opening up more than ever, from sharing computer source code on a public website to tapping new sources of intelligence.

May 22 2015 5:00PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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May 22 2015 4:31PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

It seems that not a day goes by that we don't learn about a new game that's simplistic, deceptively so, but that easy on the eyes surface belies a daunting complexity underneath. It's a lot like life. Anyway, not to get too philosophical on you in the Price Drop column, but we've got a few of these simple gamers this week, plus some classics, soon-to-be-classics, award winners, fitness, and a little dash of bloody literature to boot. So time to save some money, people.

May 22 2015 4:17PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - An online dating site for adults seeking sexual trysts has been hacked, potentially compromising the personal information of some of its 64 million members, the company said on Friday.

May 22 2015 4:00PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

Got an Apple, Mac, or iOS tech question? We've got the answer. This time the focus is on the Find and Spotlight functions in Mac OS X, which can be essential for locating files on your computer. But what do you do when that function just stops working? We'll show you how to get it running again.


I recently moved all my content to a new Mac running OS X Yosemite, and everything is working great except that the Finder won't actually find anything! When I hit Command + F and run a search, most files aren't showing up, even ones that I can actually see and know should be there. How do I fix this?


When the Find command stops working properly, usually it means that the contents of your Mac need to be re-indexed. Fortunately, it's a pretty easy process. 

If your files aren't showing up in searches, add your hard drive to this list, then remove it.

Start by opening your System Preferences, then select Spotlight. Click on the privacy tab. Here you'll see any private locations that aren't going to be searched when you use the Find command or run a Spotlight search. Though it might seem counterintuitive, drag the icon for your hard drive(s) onto the list — or, if you'd prefer, just drag over any specific folders that you think aren't being searched. Once you've done that, click the folders or hard drives you just added, then hit the minus button to remove them from the list, which will cause their contents to be re-added to the search index. 

The reindexing process can potentially take a long time (several hours) depending on how many files you have, but once it's done, your searching capabilities should be restored.

May 22 2015 3:12PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The founder of virtual reality glasses maker Oculus VR Inc, acquired by Facebook Inc for $2 billion, has been accused of taking confidential information he learned while working with another company and passing it off as his own, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

May 22 2015 2:46PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp and Salesforce.com Inc held "significant talks" this spring but failed to agree on a price, CNBC reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

May 22 2015 1:49PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp and Salesforce.com Inc held "significant talks" this spring but could not reach a deal over pricing, CNBC reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

May 22 2015 1:14PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday authorized American businesses and individuals to facilitate personal communications over the Internet like social media, instant messaging and photo sharing in Crimea, annexed by Russia from Ukraine last year.

May 22 2015 12:32PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
NECKARSULM, Germany (Reuters) - The contest for Nokia's maps business has become a three-way race between German carmakers, a consortium including Uber and Baidu, and a third group including China's Tencent and Navinfo, people familiar with the process said.

May 22 2015 11:33AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
PARIS (Reuters) - France's highest administrative court on Friday approved two out of three main restrictions on private chauffeured vehicle services such as Uber that were introduced last year after complaints from traditional cab drivers of unfair competition.

May 22 2015 8:33AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia is in no hurry to sell its mapping unit HERE despite receiving high quality bids, the Finnish company's chief executive said in a trade magazine interview.

May 22 2015 7:54AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
PARIS (Reuters) - France's highest administrative court on Friday backed restrictions on unlicensed taxi services in a decision adding to U.S. start-up Uber's legal troubles.

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