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Nov 28 2014 6:30PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

If you've got an Apple, Mac, or iOS tech question, we've got the answer. In this week's Ask, we'll tell you what to do if iTunes starts acting funky and won't show your playlists on your iPad.


In the iPad version of iTunes, my songs do not display in alphabetical order. I find this frustrating but no one has been able to tell me how to fix it. Also, my playlists are not all listed like they are on my Mac mini. Some are missing. Please help!


A lot of users on Apple’s discussion boards have mentioned this after upgrading to iOS 7. Their iPads also experienced the same issue with songs shown out of order. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it, but it involves resetting all of the settings on your iPad. 

To get started with this fix, perform the following steps in order: 

1. In the Settings app, navigate to General > Reset.

2. Tap the button that’s labeled "Reset All Settings."

3. Confirm to iOS that you want to proceed with this.

Be careful you don’t confuse Reset All Settings with the similar option that nukes content, too.

After doing this and restarting the device, you will need to re-enter all of your passwords, and you may need to sign into some applications again, but your content (applications, movies, etc.) will not be removed from your device. If you accidentally tap “Erase All Content and Settings” then you will end up with a completely factory-restored device, so make sure you do not tap that option by mistake. Make sure that you only tap the button to “Reset All Settings.”

Ask is written by Cory Bohon, a freelance technology writer, indie Mac and iOS developer, and amateur photographer.

Got a tech question? Email ask@maclife.com.

Nov 28 2014 6:01PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

Well, the big Black Friday sale day is upon us. If you've been out this morning beating back hordes for physical bargains on flat screen TVs and whatnot, this will come as a welcome respite. Cheap prices and no lines, no shortages, no riots. And if you skip the whole retailer madness on principal or for other reasons, you can still grab some sweet deals right here still.

Nov 28 2014 5:00PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

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Thanksgiving is here again, which means Black Friday is right around the corner, too. If you find it too difficult to pick up your full stomach and get yourself to the stores early in the morning, you can do some savings right from home. You can take 10% off everything in our Deals tab by using the promo code "HAPPYBF10" at checkout. That's an extra 10% off on prices that have already been slashed. You can't go wrong, and we've rounded up some great deals to consider.

How handy would it be to always have a backup power source right when you need it? That's what you'll have with theLimefuel LP200X USB Battery Pack. This lightweight and portable solution to all those times when you don't have a power source to plug in to while your battery is being drained. With 20,000mAh of power, it can charge your tablets 2-4 times and your phone even more than that. And the inclusion of two USB ports makes it possible to tackle multiple devices at once.

The Limefuel LP200X USB Battery Pack usually retails for $80. Head to our Deals tab and you can save 58% off the retail price. That makes your total just $34.99. It's a great price for such a handy device to have with you, so grab this offer today!

You need to keep your hands warm, but how can you keep them in your pocket when there are webpages to browse and swipes to be made? The Knitted Touchscreen Gloves allow you to make the most out of your iPhone while keeping your fingers and hands nice and toasty. Get them on sale for just $19.

No matter have advanced gaming gets, we can't help but feel nostalgic for the systems we grew up with. While playing your favorite iPad games, take control with the NES30 Bluetooth Controller. It looks and feels just like the NES original, and you can get it for just $29.99.

Remote control toys have really taken a step forward in the awesome category over the last few years, and the Micro Drone is all the proof you'll need. With a battery that is rechargeable via USB, the Micro Drone is easy to keep going. It can cover over 400 feet and remain in your control. Weighing just over an ounce, it's easy to see why this flyer floats so well. Plus with the new camera attachment, you can capture your entire flight on video or through photos.

Extreme Fliers usually retails the Micro Drone 2.0 for $129. In our Deals tab, there's a 46% discount in effect. That brings your cost down to just $74.99. It's great for some extra fun on any occasion and is the perfect way to explore the skies. Grab it on sale today!

Keeping your device charged wihile still having range is important. With the standard Lightning USB cords, you're pretty limited in how much you can move. Give yourself some range with this data cable, which gives you 10 feet of flexibility. This sturdy, long cord will stay plugged and keep your iOS device at full power, even if you're across the room from the outlet.

The 10 foot Apple-certified MFi Lightning Cable usually retails for $50. If you grab it from our Deals tab, you can save yourself 52% off of that price. That means you'll pay just $18.99 for this great data cable. Get it today and stay fully charged!


Nov 28 2014 11:27AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TORONTO (Reuters) - Technology startups in Canada are seeking to lure back expatriates from Silicon Valley with the promise of executive roles, generous stakes and the chance to stamp their mark on a nascent industry.

Nov 28 2014 11:00AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A European satellite beamed images to earth using new laser-based communications technology on Friday, opening the way for uninterrupted and near instantaneous viewing of natural disasters being sent to governments and relief agencies.

Nov 28 2014 10:54AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
TORONTO (Reuters) - Technology startups in Canada are seeking to lure back expatriates from Silicon Valley with the promise of executive roles, generous stakes and the chance to stamp their mark on a nascent industry.

Nov 28 2014 5:10AM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany has approved Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry's planned acquisition of Secusmart, the encryption technology of which is used to protect the mobile devices of top politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Nov 27 2014 11:59PM EST | Source: REUTERS Technology
SEOUL (Reuters) - Insiders say staff at Samsung Electronics have never been so anxious ahead of the annual reshuffle, as a weak smartphone performance and its worst earnings in three years are expected to cost many jobs.

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