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Jul 29 2014 10:36PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

At this rate, owning an iDevice might be as essential to being a successful doctor as possessing a degree. Only a day after a British hospital reported that its practice of using iPad and iPods to monitor patents' health had led to lower mortality rates, a new crowd-funded project has popped up on IndieGogo claiming that Apple's famed handset might be able to help wipe out malaria on the Indonesian island of Bangka.

The team, known as IanXen, plans to use Bangka as a testing ground of sorts before tackling more ambitious projects over in Africa. The team will use a IanXen RAPID kit that will outfit an iPhone with a portable microscope, a lancet pen, and blood slides, thus allowing them to use the microscope to examine the slides with a microscope and make diagnoses within five seconds. The key attraction of the process is that it's relatively cheap, and could therefore make more headway in regions ravaged by malaria than conventional equipment.

According to the project's IndieGogo page, "3.3 billion people live at risk of malaria across 106 malaria-endemic countries. Although the risk is widespread, cases and deaths are concentrated in Africa. In 2010, over 80 percent of 216 estimated cases and over 90 percent of 655,000 estimated deaths occurred in Africa. Prompt diagnosis and effective treatment are the cornerstones of malaria case management; patients recover rapidly if diagnosed and treated early."

Sound like a cause worth fighting for? You can help out the team with a starting donation of £5 ($8.50), which will net you a mention on the project's Twitter feed. You can, of course, donate even more.

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Jul 29 2014 10:29PM EST | Source: MacLife.com

Streaming devices from Apple's competitors might be gaining ground (hello, Chromecast), but ever undaunted, the Cupertino company continues to make Apple TV a device worth owning. The iPhone maker has spent the last year or so stuffing the device with new channels, and today it added CNBC and FOX Now to its already impressive list.

Alas, as with so many Apple TV channels, you'll need to confirm that you're already paying for both of the channels' content through a cable or Internet provider before you can watch them. We're not quite at the point where we can pay for most premium channels through the Apple TV itself (and likely won't be for some time).

But if you are already paying, you'll get to watch a live stream of CNBC's financial coverage and order on-demand content focusing on specific news segments as well as various forms of "prime" content. FOX Now, by contrast, is a channel for entertainment-minded Apple TV enthusiasts. It brings with it access many of the network's most beloved shows, including Cosmos, 24: Live Another Day, Glee, and more.

As another downer, it's yet more content that's restricted to those of us who live in the States. That's wonderful news for those of us who pay our taxes to the same folks as Tim Cook, but it's a hefty impediment to spreading the appeal of Apple TV beyond our borders.

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Jul 29 2014 9:42PM EST | Source: CNET iPhone Atlas
Designed expressly for mobile devices, the sequel to the beloved racing game borrows a page from Temple Run. Is that a good thing?

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