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Nokia 6210 Navigator Retractable Home / Travel AC Charger

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  • This is a mini-retractable travel charger.
  • Rapid Charge eliminates downtime.
  • It is very simple to put away and leaves no tangled-up wires.
  • Folding blades allow this lightweight charger to become even more portable for travel.
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator travel charger takes up minimum space.
  • Travel Charger extends to a maximum length of 3 feet.


Nokia 6210 Navigator Retractable travel charger cable extends to the length necessary for recharging the battery & power your phone. Just push the retract button & the cable winds back into the plug for easy and attractive storage. No more loose cables to stow away when the charger is not being used. IC chip allows it to remain plugged into an outlet indefinitely without damaging the battery.It's compact size and ergonomic design makes the charger a very convenient travel companion.



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