Order Status

In order to find and verify your order please provide some basic order information.
For your convenience you may search for your order or search for information concerning a charge on your bank statement using one of the two methods below.

  • Use the first method if you know your PPC4YOU.COM order number as this search will be faster for you.
  • Use the second method if you are searching for an unknown charge on your bank statement.

If you know your order number:

If you don't:

Via Google Checkout

Via PayPal

Package Tracking

Some sellers provide package tracking information. To track your order, click Track [Carrier] package on the Order Receipt page in your Google Wallet account.

If you placed an order that should have arrived, according to the seller or tracking information in your account, please contact the shipping carrier for additional information.

Tracking information varies by carrier. Some only provide confirmation of shipment, while others provide detailed updates, estimated delivery dates, or geographic locations. Shipping carriers may provide on their website additional details about their delivery process: USPS

Order Problems & Mediation

Sellers are responsible for charging, canceling, refunding, and shipping orders; you'll receive quicker assistance if you first contact the seller directly. If the seller has been unresponsive to your request for at least two business days, and you placed your order within the last 90 days, Google can mediate by contacting the seller on your behalf.

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