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Apple iPhone 3G Mirror and Anti-Scratch Screen Protectors Combo

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  • Protects the Apple iPhone 3G screen from wear and scratches.
  • Protects your eyes by filtering the ultraviolet rays from screen.
  • Easily apply to the screen.
  • Works like a mirror when your phone''s screen is locked.
  • Includes OrionGadgets accessory pouch.


Protect your Apple iPhone 3G with the high quality Apple iPhone 3G screen protectors. This screen protector will prevent scratches on the Apple iPhone 3G's screen without sacrificing visibility. The screen protectors comes with a cleaning cloth and a plastic card to help you apply the screen protectors. It can easily be removed without leaving any residue.How to apply Apple iPhone 3G Screen Protectors: 1. Lay the screen protector on screen and check the fitting of each sides. 2. Clean the screen thoroughly. 3. Apply the Screen Protector on Screen slowly. 4. Peel of the mask when application is completed.Mirror Screen Protector looks and works like a mirror when your phone's screen is locked and when the screen is activated, the display contents also appear like normal. The size of the protector is cut to fit your screen and it does not interfere with stylus or touch screen operation. It is also easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue marks.Includes:Apple iPhone 3G Mirror Screen protector.Apple iPhone 3G Clear Screen protector.Cleaning Cloth.Plastic Squeegee.The included OrionGadgets Accessory Pouch is a convenient and durable bag for all of your mobile accessories. Measuring 6 x 4, this pouch is the perfect size to store your wall and car chargers, USB cables, headphones, micro SD cards or any other accessory you want to bring along.



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