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iBaby Feed Timer - Breastfeeding, Nursing, Bottle Feeding & Baby log by Fehners Software LLP

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Developer:  Fehners Software LLP
Added:  2010-10-07
Updated:  2014-06-12
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Designed by and for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on! Trying to keep track of when baby feeds on bits of scrap paper? Wearing a hair band on your wrist to try and remember which side to start feeding on? Baby Feed Timer does it all for you! Tracks breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, food and notes. You can even synchronize the data across devices. Analysed data ready for you and your paediatrician shows both daily, weekly and monthly averages.See baby's day at a glance and spot trends easily with easy to read charts.Simple, quick and easy to use a must for night feeds! All the answers to your paediatrician's questions in the palm of your hand!HIGHLIGHTS: Personalise the App to your baby by adding a picture, babys name and date of birth. It even tells you how old your baby is in weeks. Use the App for more than one baby. Whether its a sibling later on or twins or more! Easy to use one button start/stop timer, especially useful during the night feeds. Log breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, food and notes. Ability to automatically synchronize data between iPhones, iPads and iPods. Pause button. Ability to pause during a feed. Unlimited diary of logged data. At a glance view of how long since baby last fed, next feed time and which breast to use. Local notification/reminder to alert you when next feed is due. Analysis of the data including average times between feeds and feed times for the day, week and month. Easy to read charts displaying analyzed data, as well as a timeline view so you can see emerging trends, such as baby feeding at the same time every day. This also helps to show days when baby is acting differently such as more dirty diapers than usual. View how long you have fed your baby for that day. Particularly useful for mothers who are monitoring if baby is feeding enough. Manually add feeds if you miss one as well as edit feeds. Email your data to your computer. Add notes to existing logged feeds such as if baby was sick or fussy during a feed. You can also add a note to the log diary itself, for example the baby's temperature and medicine given. You can even set a reminder and alert for the note. FURTHER FEATURES: + You can choose if the next feed is calculated from a set interval or using current feeding trends. + You can swap breasts during a single feed. + Ability to specify the minimum time you would like to feed on each breast before swapping. + Timer continues to run in the background on all iPhones. So you can make calls, play games, etc and the timer will continue to run. + Supports the new iPhone 5 larger screen. If you have any feedback please send it to feedback@fehnerssoftware.co.uk as we have no way to respond to comments left in reviews.


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