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Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & night sounds recording by Plus Sports

Price: $1.99 USD

Developer:  Plus Sports
Added:  2013-05-18
Updated:  2014-06-12
Category:  Health & Fitness


Top 1 paid app in the US and 70+ countries all over the world!Limited time offer $1.99 (50% off the $3.99 retail price)----------------------------------------Our ergonomic algorithm has been designed to optimise your sleep and help you achieve full rest. Our technology tracks your sleep cycles and chooses the optimum time to wake you gently. Revitalize as you wake up every day feeling well-rested and full of energy with the one-of-a-kind Smart Alarm Clock. * Sleep cycle tracking to determine your best wake-up time * Specially designed music for your pleasant falling asleep and easy waking up* Fully compatible with iPhone 5s and 5c! Optimized for iOS 7!SLEEP RECORDING* Automatic recording of sounds in your bedroom that are longer than 5 seconds* Easy mass-deletion of sounds by daySLEEP CYCLE TRACKING* Monitors your sleep cycles * Determines the best time to wake you up* Gives detailed statistics of your sleep cycles and stagesSMART WAKE-UP* Wake-up at the light stage of sleep* Adjustable snooze time* Adjustable wake-up time periodGREAT MUSIC* More than 100 special tunes for your restful sleep and pleasant wake-up; * Automatic chillout/wakeup volume: chillout volume is 2 times lower than the alarm volumeOTHER GREAT FEATURES* Weather forecast: detailed weather stats from anywhere in the world* Use tracks from your iPhone or iPod's library for falling asleep and waking up* Low battery reminder* Up to 3 alarm clocks * Possibility to delete music packs that you dont need any more --------------------------------------- We're giving away $20 worth of content for free! Don't miss out!----------------------------------------Follow us on Twitter: @SmartAlarm_ Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/smart.alarm.clock.community +1 on Google+: gplus.to/smartalarmclock


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