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7 sevens by Grumble Games, LLC

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Developer:  Grumble Games, LLC
Added:  2013-11-07
Updated:  2014-06-12
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7 sevens is better than ever! A simple, yet addicting number matching puzzle game. Drop numbers, break blocks, get huge high scores, and challenge your friends! As long as you can count to seven you'll love 7 sevens!The idea is to keep your board clear by creating clusters of the correct number of tiles with the same number on the tile to remove them. For example, 4 connected fours will disappear. Gray blocks will also appear and can be cleared by creating adjacent clusters. We listened to our users and added in a new helper called Lift, which allows you to pull a tile off the top of a column and reposition it on the board -- great for fixing those misplaced tiles! We also added the ability to see the next tile coming and adjusted the end game to eliminate too many consecutive gray blocks from raining down on you.User reviews:***** Easy rules & terribly fun, addictive play!! Great game!! - Spinnin' Wheeler***** I don't do a lot of games on my pad, but I just love this one. I have found it to be quite addictive. Just love it! - lal1234!***** The best game ever!!! Love it, love it, love it. - gstaurosHow to Play: *Match up the correct number of tiles with the corresponding number on the tile. 2 twos disappear when placed next to one another. 3 threes - boom! 4 fours, 5 fives, 6 sixes, and -- you guessed it -- 7 sevens. *Each round you complete scores you bonus points, but also drops 7 new tiles on your board.*Gray blocks get in your way. Make matches to clear them away or use the powerful 1 tile to eliminate them right away. The more you clear, the bigger your score booster will become!*Save a tile for later and swap it in when you need it using the Swap helper *Use the powerful Lift helper to reposition a tile from the top of any column*When your board is full its game over. Share your score, challenge your friends, then start again to beat your own high score or go for the number 1 spot on the leaderboardThe great gameplay is complemented by beautiful graphics and a melodic soundtrack. Youll find yourself losing hours to the complex simplicity of 7 sevens.Download it now!


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