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LOVE by Tiny Buddha by Tiny Buddha, LLC

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Added:  2014-05-26
Updated:  2014-06-12
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LOVE by Tiny Buddha offers daily quotes, affirmations, challenges, and questions to help you give and receive more love. Schedule up to 10 daily reminders, or hit the instant button for a tiny dose of loveon demand. Based on the wisdom from tinybuddha.comvisited by over 32 million readersLOVE will help you: Develop closer bonds in your relationships Let your guard down and let people in Express your feelings instead of hiding them Let go of anger, bitterness, and fear See the best in the people around you Relate to and better understand your loved ones Let go of insecurity so you can relax in your interactions Turn strangers into friends Attract healthier relationshipsand believe that you deserve themWhat People Are Saying About Tiny Buddha and Founder Lori Deschene:"Lori is one of a kind. Her amazing heart and wisdom shine through in everything she writes! I am a HUGE fan of Tiny Buddha and I'm constantly inspired by Lori and her work." ~Mastin Kipp, founder of The Daily Love "There's nothing tiny about the extra-large dose of awesome stuffed into Lori's writing. Read it and feel good about the world." ~Neil Pasricha, founder and author, 1000 Awesome Things, The Book of Awesome"Few people in our time have more passionately or more creatively applied wisdom teachings to a new digital generation than Lori Deschene. I am continually inspired by her writing, and also by her sincere dedication to learning, growth, and wisdom. ~Soren Gordhamer, founder and author of Wisdom 2.0


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