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Don't Touch The White Tile 4 by WANG BOXUN

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Developer:  WANG BOXUN
Added:  2014-04-25
Updated:  2014-06-12
Category:  Games


We haven't removed Hell Mode, we changed the title to Amazing Mode"Don't Touch The White Tile" has upgraded to Version 4.5It's a brand new game which has so many new features. Check it out!New Interface, 12 New Modes, now waiting for you!We will keep improving our game,more features are coming soon!The only thing you need to do is DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE TILE.Game Features: 12 Awesome Game Modes Easy to play for all ages. Better User Interface Beautiful Piano Sound And Classic Sound. An unparalleled gaming experience The long-awaited Multiplayer mode,You can play it with your friend everywhere. The new Lighting mode is really cool, you should try it. Social Share SupportThere are 12 modes in the game: Classic mode: Touch 50 dark tiles as fast as possible. Arcade mode: Do not miss any tiles and go as fast as you can. Zen mode: Touch the black tiles as fast as you can in 30 seconds. Rush Mode: Another form of the arcade mode,to see how fast is your average speed. Crazy mode: The dangerous red tiles are mixed in the black tiles, pay attention, do not tap them. Race Mode: Get a certain number of tile in 10 seconds. if the previous Level have time remaining,it will cumulate to the next Level. But attention,the tile numbers will become more and more as the game goes by. Multiplayer Mode: Play with your friends on same stage! Colorful Mode: We use the colorful tiles instead of the original black tiles, which can avoid eye fatigue,and protect your eyes. Relay Mode: Get 50 tiles in 10 seconds, then do it again. If time out, the game is over. Amazing Mode: There are so many tiles, Don't miss any one. Double Mode: Double tiles is coming, please use all your finger, Don't miss one. Lighting Mode: It's getting dark, watch your step.I hope you will like it!Enjoy yourself !!


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