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iHackU: Feel the hacker in you - Inspired by Watch Dogs by Amritpal Sandhu

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Developer:  Amritpal Sandhu
Added:  2014-05-21
Updated:  2014-06-12
Category:  Games


PLEASE READ TO AVOID ANY CONFUSION: "iHackU" DOES NOT ACTUALLY HACK OTHER DEVICES. It's just a game.It's an app which detects other devices with the app open in the vicinity and allows you to extract their identity WHICH THEY CREATED IN THE APP. Again, the app only mimics the concept of hacking, but it doesn't actually do it. Don't consider this app as a threat to your information since the app uses a custom identity you create in the app, not outside of it.NOTE: some features of the app only work with Bluetooth LE compatible devices, so iPhone 5 and up or iPad 2 and up. The 5th gen iPod Touch is also compatible.------------Feel the hacker in you!!!Inspired by the highly anticipated game Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft, "iHackU" allows you to hack the identity of the people nearby using either Bluetooth or WiFi. It's extremely simple to do and it works seamlessly.--How to hack--Activate Bluetooth or WiFi, launch the app and wait for other hackers nearby to pop up. When people start appearing on the screen, tap on one to hack him/her.Now, the hacking takes 10 seconds and, when it's done, the identity of the person you hacked will be saved on your device. This includes picture, name, surname and social networking accounts.--How to stop a hack--The app warns you when you are getting hacked. When you are, 5 binary digits will show up. You need to write it in decimal form in 10 seconds or the hacker will hack you.When you successfully converted the binary number, the hack will stop and your identity won't be stolen.--Don't to get out of range!!--If you are getting hacked and you either get out of range or you quit the app, your identity won't be stolen, but the hacker still gets the points. So don't try to be a coward!!--Game Center--Whenever you successfully hack someone or you successfully stop a hack, you get points that will count towards you overall score, which is saved in the Game Center Leaderboard.--Your identity--Your identity is not you real one. At any time, you can change it if you feel the need to hide your true personality.You can create a fake identity altogether if you so wish. The app won't obligate you to use your real identity since it would break many privacy laws.--How it works--"iHackU" uses the Multipeer Connectivity framework to identify people nearby. So this means that both Bluetooth and WiFi can be used. However, if you want to use WiFi, you can only hack people in the same WiFi network.


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